nominated, 2014

nominated, 2013

“Here is another impressive recording from the brilliant, sensitive Polish-Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki, who at 18 already plays like a master. He takes on Chopin’s daunting études, all 24 of them. His technically dazzling performances abound in musical nuance, color and imagination.”

    Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times, November 6, 2013

“When, if ever, have you heard the Chopin Etudes played as pure music, given as naturally as breathing yet recreated from an entirely novel perspective? 

Lisiecki is a young pianist with a musical voice that belies his age. From Jan Lisiecki, Chopin’s poetic essence, hidden beneath every thorny, relentlessly focused problem, emerges with an inimitable subtlety and elegance. Lisiecki gives us tone-poems first and studies second, his technique as unobtrusive as it is effortlessly fluent, lissom and precise ... overall it is the luminous quality of his musicianship that strikes you at every turn.”

    Bryce Morrison, Gramophone Magazine, October 2013

October 2013

“His playing here - pristine, lyrical and intelligent - shows uncommon maturity ... beautiful Mozart playing, direct, unmannered and fresh ... This is a detail-oriented pianist who makes every note count and plays with utter rhythmic integrity.”

    Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times, March 29, 2013

“How great to hear a youngster with that amount of personality.

...Lisiecki is definitely his own man, with strong views about the music ... a musician with a golden future ahead of him ... we hope that his talent is allowed to unfold naturally and true to his musical instincts; his is a gift too rare to be squandered.”

     James Jolly, Gramophone Magazine: Awards Issue, November 2013

"Even in a crowded corner of the CD catalogue, this refreshingly unhyped debut release is one to celebrate."

    John Allison, BBC Music Magazine, August 2010

"One thing makes us especially respect and like this young and already great pianist: his sincerity manifests itself, he has no fear of a reproach. He plays like he is. He does not repeat a lesson."

Alain Lompech, Diapason Magazine, May 2010